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Our company specializes in electrical wiring and repair. We carry out any projects with our hearts and are not afraid of difficulties!
Our team has been developing over the years. Today it includes only highly qualified specialists with experience and their own best practices. We boldly look into the future and confidently master new technologies, we always offer our customers different options and solutions. It’s convenient and comfortable with us!

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Electrical services

  • Industrial Services
  • Commercial Services
  • Residential Services

Electrical services

  • Industrial Services
  • Commercial Services
  • Residential Services

Our best electricians

Our company employs 12 professional electricians. Our masters have specialized education, have passed internal training and improve their skills once a year.
Michael Jonathan Senior electrician
Working since 2005
William Ross Solar panel installer
Working since 2010
Daniel Patrick Middle Installer
Working since 2012
Matthew Daniel Configuration specialist
Working since 2007


year warranty

What depends on price?

  • Complexity of installation – the number of points and the amount of work, types of your walls etc
  • Number of lighting points to install
  • Wiring material – copper or aluminum
  • Type of solar and energy storage battery
  • Cost of materials

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